What's Your Freedom Number?


$21,356 is my freedom number.

In this present moment, that’s how much moola I need to bring in every single month to live my best life.

Sure, I could EXIST with much less. We all can.

Been there. Done that. Got that joyous certificate.

But what the fark is existing?

Why would we choose that when we can choose something better? Something more?

I was once gratified by my ability to exist on carrots and hummus for months at a time.

To live without furniture. Or linen. Or a fridge.

To squeeze an extra week out of the toothpaste tube that sat mashed to a pulp on the bathroom cabinet.

“Booyah! I’ve just saved $7 bucks.” (Yup, it’s expensive. I don’t touch that Colgate crap).

I acted like lack was a badge of freaking honour.

Like it was my noble assignment to squeeze the life out of myself as well as the toothpaste tube.

Do you know how tiring that is?

I got bored of playing the “I’ll see how tiny I can make myself” game.

I got tired of saying to my pals, “I’m gonna stay home tonight” (which mostly meant, “I can’t afford to come out for dinner with you.”)

I got weary moving every 2 weeks whilst housesitting for people who were going on holidays whilst I rubbed two pennies together on their sofa.

Of being miffed at seeing “insufficient funds” on the eftpos machine whilst buying a $5 bag of spinach.

Or the ATM spitting my card back in my face with no money attached.

The shame and embarrassment wore me thin.

Being broke is exhausting.

Crushing, even.

Do you know the feeling?

But what to do?

Why, play to win, of course.

It’s true the tactics I’ve used to “get by” have served me well.

Helped me survive.

But hot damn.

Isn’t it time to thrive?

My days of scrimping, and penny-pinching, and inventing tactics to save a few extra cents are D-O-N-E.

That’s DONE!

I get more joy out of giving. Don’t you?

It’s time to work out YOUR freedom number.

List ALL the things you need to be your best you.

Yes. That includes ALL the thing that are extravagant. Luxurious. Ridiculous. Self-centred.

If they bring you joy, write them down.

If they contribute to your success,
make you smile,
light you up,
improve your health,
expand your mind,

write them down.


Instead of hoping, wishing, things get better, make them better!

It all starts…

…with your freedom number.

Download the free “Freedom Number Worksheet” below and get cracking on your dreams.

Write your number everywhere so you see it when you

brush your teeth,
take a poop,
drive your car,
raid the fridge,
work on your computer,
use your phone.

It’s important to keep it in your focus.

All the time.

Memorise it.

Dream it.

Make it happen.

Imagine what your life will look like when you’ve got that amount of money streaming in every single month.

What has changed for you?

What have you left behind and who have you become?

Now, imagine no more.

Go and get started. Get clear on that number.

The number that will free you.

That’s not the whole equation.

But it’s the start.

And we can’t win if we never take the first step.

Download the Worksheet below. ?

It’s time to thrive,

Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.

- Albert Camus

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