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Create a business that doesn't feel like a cage.

I help parents build businesses that give them time to live beautiful lives.

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Create a business that doesn't feel like a cage.

I help parents build businesses that give them time to live beautiful lives.

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Are you wasting time you'll never get back?

Most business owners struggle with working too much.


When you choose the wrong business model, you…

  • Work 10-12 hour days
  • Become disconnected and spend time apart from your family
  • Sacrifice your health
  • Feel regret and guilt
  • Wonder when your big break will come

Our business should create freedom, not overwhelm.

Most people don’t build a business that brings their dreams to life. Instead, they follow trends, "fall into business" and build a bridge to burn-out.

Learn how to build a business that reduces your workload and expands time, allowing you to finally fit it all in.

Follow my Freedom Business Framework and you'll create a better, more peaceful life and be present with your family - for good.

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The 5 Freedoms

There are 5 Freedoms that are integral to your fulfilment.

  • Financial,
  • Time,
  • Location,
  • Family, and
  • Creative.

It’s no use ticking just one or two freedom boxes.

You need to activate ALL of The 5 Freedoms in your life and business to be truly free.

Want to learn what type of business will give you the most freedom?  Take my quiz to find out!


You have dreams to paint.

And you want to paint them in vivid colour.

The money you earn will be spent with great intention.

To create a world filled with love, substance, and meaning.

Your new normal will be making money while your kids roll in the dirt.

With batter-laden bowls filling your kitchen counter.

Sticky handprints and hand-drawn pictures decorating your fridge.

While your food grows in your garden,

and bread bakes in your oven, you’ll smile.

Your home is filled with life.

And you have the time, energy, and resources to create everything you desire.

Your freedom business will create more of what you have.

More time, more space, more connection, more community - more YOU.

You’re committed to fulfilling your own dreams, raising a wholesome family, and building a beautiful world.

And so am I.

It's so epic to meet you!

I'm Aimee, aka the “swiss army knife”. 

I'm a freedom business mentor and coach, nature spirit, and mama of the cutest toddler in the world.

An Aussie living in Mexico, I'm a passionate advocate for claiming our freedom, living our dreams, and squeezing the juice out of the 18 Summers we have with our children. 

10 years ago, I realised life in the Matrix was not for me, so without any warning I sold my luxury custom-made home and everything in it, moved across Australia, and followed my instincts to start living my inner truth. 

In the 10 years since I've ridden the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, developing an impressive body of business know-how and technical acumen along the way. 

After spending a gruelling 6 years scouring the world for the most efficient, fulfilling, and supportive business model that exists, I finally found it - and this is what I teach. 

Today I help conscious parents align with the RIGHT business for them - a business built for FREEDOM, choice, and the enjoyment of life. 

Because what use is the money if you don’t have the time freedom and flexibility to enjoy it?


What my community are saying

Hear from some of the epic people inside my community


Louise Clarke

"I've been working with Aimee Devlin for just over a year. It was an absolute godsend for me because Aimee had more than a decade of experience behind her. She has all the skills necessary to create a successful business online. Not only that she's just so clued up in all the mindset stuff, she's conscious, she's connected, and all round just a fantastic person to be with. So if you have the opportunity to work with her, go for it. She's going to make all the difference to your business online."


Simone C Herberte

"I've had the pleasure to have Aimee as my mentor for just over 12 months. Having her as my mentor and now really close friend has really changed my life because she has taught me the skills that she's been able to learn over the past 10 years. She's refined it right down to what you can implement in your business with ease and grace. I got the special bonus of being able to spend a couple of days with her. Spending the day with Aimee where she broke down my business and gave me some tips and ideas on what I could do absolutely changed the game for me. I left that mastermind so clear and concise on exactly what I needed to do. If you're looking to work with Aimee in the near future, just do it. It will change your life and you will not regret it."


Deb Jones

"I've been mentored by Aimee Devlin for just over the last 12 months. I'm in the online space. I'm a digital marketer and there was just some things that I wasn't getting that Aimee was able to support me with. I was able to get more clarity around funnels, around Facebook ads, and analyzing the data. And she was able to get to help me to get my video views down from 26 cents per play through, down to one cent per play through. If you are in the online space and you need some support with your funnels, your ads, anything like that, Aimee is the go-to expert. "


Do you know how much money you need to earn each month to live your dream life? 

Download my Freedom Number worksheet and get clear on the EXACT amount of income that will liberate you and bring your dreams to life.