To live a "Yes Life"
and get paid a lot of money to be you

In this live, 45 minute training you'll learn how... get paid for WHO you are, not what you do. Tap into a new era business model, create generational wealth, and monetise social media - inside of a likeminded community that has your back. There's no need to go it alone. Enter your details now to get started.

This is for you if 

You are a woman in business and want to:


  • Make more money on top of what you make already (an extra stream)
  • Work smarter (use systems and automation that work FOR you)
  • Earn more (think leverage and legacy)
  • Serve more people
  • Create a bigger impact on the world
  • Work with a supportive, like-minded community
  • Build a solid personal brand around who you are and what you stand for
  • Create more time freedom and offload tasks that don’t light you up
  • Create a life and business that lights you up again

Meet Aimee Q Devlin

Aimee is a smiley nature spirit, business and alignment coach, and mama of 1.

An Aussie living in Mexico, she is a passionate advocate for:

  • claiming your own freedom,
  • living your dreams, and
  • squeezing the juice out of the 18 Summers we have with our children.

10 years ago, Aimee sold everything, moved across the country, and followed her dreams because the matrix was NOT for her.

In the 10 years since, she's ridden the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

She spent 6 years scouring the online world for the most efficient, fulfilling, and supportive business model that exists.

In 2018, she finally found it.

It had to tick some important boxes:

  • Be conscious - not selling stuff for the sake of it
  • Be a win for everyone - not ripping anyone off
  • Pay well - not offer tiddly commissions or a meagre wage
  • Be global - not confine her to an office, restrictive rules, or a certain country
  • Be future-proof - not a fad, new to market, or scammy
  • Allow her to be more of who she was
  • Relieve the pressure valve and enliven her life

As it turns out, she ticked them all.

And now, it’s your turn to experience this.

In this live, 45 minute high-level overview, she will introduce this incredible model to you.

It is the solution for women to create time, space, money, impact, freedom, and legacy in their lives.

It is simple.

It is powerful.

And if it’s for you, you will FEEL it - as she did.

You will be able to earn high-ticket and legacy income through an automated system that allows you to be YOU.

Are you ready?


How to Live A Yes Life!









What You'll Learn In This 45-Minute Breakdown

  • How to create a conscious income online that does good for you, others and the planet.
  • The business vehicle that’s creating a huge impact across the planet - it's automated, it's online, it's recession-proof!
  • Discover a collaborative community that celebrates you no matter where you start from.
  • How to create a legacy that pays you each month, for life! Be paid to be you while creating generational wealth.

Meet some of the community 

These everyday people said yes to creating extraordinary lives. 

Meet The Community

We are coaches, parents, healers, artists, network marketers, employees, misfits, truth-seekers, and travel junkies with a common goal:





Click play for a small insight into the people inside our community creating a "Yes Life" through the online space.

We all have the opportunity to change our lives and step into the highest version of ourselves.

Are you ready!?


Imagine This For A Moment...

  • being paid hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale (without ever picking up the phone)
  • accessing 6,7, and 8 figure mentors (without having to pay thousands for their mentorship)
  • building authority and credibility online (whilst being paid to be YOU)
  • mastering organic and paid marketing methods (without spamming or cold messaging anyone)

Now imagine no more and MAKE it your reality.

Automation And Systems Allow You To...

  • Create and control your own income
  • Attract leads and sales 24/7 without making sales calls
  • Work from anywhere, from your laptop or smartphone
  • Leave your 9-5 for good
  • Create an impact and support causes that matter to you
  • Get off the entrepreneurial hamster wheel
  • Buy organic food, invest in sustainable products, have cash in the bank to follow your intuition wherever it may take you in the world.
  • Create a family life that fulfils your vision. (Maybe that’s home- or world-schooling, caravanning, paying off debt, or creating legacy income that pays you for life AND you can pass on to future generations).

The fastest way to get real results is to duplicate what’s already working for others.

Jump in the fast lane and model what already works here. 👇


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Learn how to get paid for WHO you are, not what you do.

Tap into a new era business model, create generational wealth, and monetise social media - inside of a likeminded community that has your back.

There's no need to go it alone. Enter your details now to get started.