Does Your Life Feel Right?

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Does Your Life Feel Right?

Does your life “feel right’?

No, I’m not asking if you’re happy. Happy is good, but it’s not always enough.

I’m not talking down in the dumps either. Sometimes life sucks, but it can still feel right.

Gretchen Rubin says “Feeling right means living the life that’s right for you”. Whatever that may be. Only you know what that means for you.

Are you inspired by your location?

In love with your partner?

Excited to wake up in the morning?

Motivated by your job?

Warmed by your heart’s mission?

Or is something a little bit funky? Off-centre?

Bland? Like those murky brown bricks of soggy, flaked wheat, our Mums made us eat for breakfast every day growing up.

She said they were good for us, but were they? 😅

Feeling happy or feeling sad is a whole lot easier than feeling right.

But feeling right is far more consequential.

You know straight up when you meet someone if there’s something odd about them. You can’t always explain it - but you know.

Now it's time to apply this talent to your personal life too. Why not sniff out what doesn’t feel right before it engulfs you?

For many years, I felt happy, but life didn’t feel right. I couldn’t explain it to others.

They’d brush me off with positive words, thinking it was a phase I’d grow out of.

But why would I listen to them?

Most people are accustomed to ignoring that life doesn’t feel right, and they expect us to do the same. I was unwilling to do so.

“It’s just the way life is," they'd offer.

Erm, no. It’s the way *your* life is and will always be if you don't stand up and change something. 💥

It took every ounce of my being to give up a life that seemed happy for one that ‘felt right’.

It took years to retrain myself to listen to the voice that knew.

I’d spent years skilfully silencing my instincts. Now, I had to let my gut know I was now willing to listen.

You know if your life feels right. Whether consciously or somewhere beneath the surface. You know.

That something doesn't 'feel right' has haunted you for some time now. But haven’t had the words to express what.

You’ve feigned positivity. When others tell you to be grateful for what you have, sometimes what they mean is,

"Sit down, shut up, and take the hand you’ve been given. There are many other people with lives worse than yours. So suck it up - like I have."

But some of us aren’t willing to do that.

And why should we?

Living a life of mediocrity to make others feel comfortable is absurd. It inspires no one.

Whether you remember yet, you were born for greatness.

It’s already within you. And it’d be a damn shame if you chose mediocrity and Weetbix over the world’s greatest granola.

Get curious. 👇

Start asking yourself, "Does my life feel right?"

Don’t stop there.

If it doesn’t feel right, ask yourself more questions. Like,

"What doesn’t feel right?"

"What do I want?"

"Who am I appeasing by not following my dreams?"

"What does happiness mean to me?"

"What is life without limits?"

Some of these answers will scare the pants off of you because you’ll realise how small you’ve allowed life to become.

But that’s ok.

Awareness is everything.

And once you know life doesn’t 'feel right' you can take steps to make sure it does. 

Living a life of mediocrity to make others feel comfortable is absurd. It inspires no one.

Aimee Devlin

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