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Now you know the type of business that will give you the most freedom...  


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This live workshop is not your average "webinar". It's an action-packed 90 minutes designed to collapse timelines and move you from "information gathering" into targeted action.

I'm showing you behind the curtain.

I'll show you the 7 businesses I tried and failed at - and the reasons why they were unsustainable for me. And the 3 big mistakes I've made in my 10 years in online business - so that you don't have to make them.

What you will learn inside


  • The 5 Freedoms - You Need ALL Of These To Own Your Life
  • The 3 Key Pillars To Building A True Freedom Business
  • My 3 Big Online Business Mistakes - (Don't Make These!)
  • The "Your Freedom Number" Exercise - Learn How To Escape The "Box Mentality"
  • Learn Why Nailing ONE freedom is NOT enough
  • The 3 Types of Humans (which one are you?)
  • The 4 Common Types of Online Businesses People Choose and Fail At (I've tried them all!)
  • The "Freedom Business Checklist" - get free access
  • The BEST Model for a Freedom Business
  • And... 2 special bonuses for LIVE workshop attendees only

Meet your host

Aimee Q Devlin

Aimee is a Business and Alignment Coach inspiring women to take agency in their lives - so that, together, we can build a bright and beautiful future for our children.

An Aussie mama living in Mexico, she's a fierce advocate for living freedom-focussed lives.

With 10 years experience in the online space, Aimee is a wealth of knowledge in the business sphere. With her clients, she always pairs work in the outer world with that of the inner world. She believes this is how we achieve long-term success, longevity, and fulfilment - and create a freedom business that truly lights us up.

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